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February 6, 2014


Dear NF Friends,


If you or someone you care about has to deal with large numbers of NF skin tumors (neurofibromas), here’s a chance for you to help make treatment more available. Dr. Hubert Weinberg, a New York plastic surgeon, pioneered a technique (electro-dessication) for mass removal of these tumors. (Watch Dr. Weinberg’s video).  Many patients who could benefit from his treatment have been denied insurance coverage, because the insurance carriers can’t distinguish his procedure from electro-desiccation procedures used by dermatologists for other conditions.


Now an Illinois doctor, Lawrence Taylor, is submitting a request to the American Medical Association to add a new billing code (CPT code) specifically for the electrosurgical removal of masses of neurofibromas.  Here’s where you come in.  Support letters from the NF community can increase the chances of this new code being created.


Letters must be emailed by Friday Feb. 7th.


Please use the subject “New CPT Code For Neurofibromatosis-1” and email toccpsubmit@ama-assn.org.


Sample letters for downloading can be found below: 


PDF Version


Word Version (from our website)


Or you can cut, paste and personalize the following.  (Be sure to identify yourself as a physician, patient, parent, friend, etc.)




Feb. 1, 2014


Marie Mindeman

Director, CPT Coding and Regulatory Affairs

American Medical Association

330 N. Wabash Ave. Suite 39300

Chicago, IL 60611


Dear Ms. Mindeman:

I appreciate the AMA’s willingness to consider the request for addition of codes for treatment of neurofibromatosis type 1 using electrosurgery for the high quantity destruction and/or excision of cutaneous and/or subcutaneous tumors in the application being submitted by Dr. Lawrence Taylor that will be discussed at the May/2014 Editorial Panel meeting.

Treatment of neurofibromatosis patients using the electrosurgical procedure developed by Dr. Hubert Weinberg, allows for efficient, cost effective, high quantity tumor destruction and/or excision of neurofibromas.  This procedure results in significant reduction in tumor load, with proven highly satisfactory patient outcomes including significant physical and psychosocial benefits.


[personal story here – who are you, why you care]


I urge the Editorial Panel to consider adding a new CPT code(s) in the #6479X series, which will clearly distinguish this code from code #64792 and which may attract more surgeons to learn and perform this procedure, especially in tertiary care centers with neurofibromatosis clinics.



Your name



Thanks for your help with this important project!

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